Sunday, October 16, 2005

Steps to become a non-profit

Resources for writing our shiznit.
Compass Point SF Non-Profit resource
Tech Soup -- some sort of tech reference desk for Non-profits

From the IRS:

.09 Determination letters and requests for group exemption letters
(1) Initial application for exemption under § 501 or § 521 from organizations (other than pension, profit-sharing, $150
and stock bonus plans described in § 401) that have had annual gross receipts averaging not more than $10,000
during the preceding four years, or new organizations that anticipate gross receipts averaging not more than
$10,000 during their first four years
Note: Organizations seeking this reduced fee must sign a certification with their application that the receipts

are or will be not more than the indicated amounts.

To take solicitations.

Help with 1023

Mission Statement: The Rise Up Network is a non-profit organization providing the tools and resources necessary to facilitate the democratization of the media with a focus on video production and online distribution.

Mantra: "We are the people we've been waiting for."